Getting Started

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Getting Started

To begin the process, contact FCI – by phone or by e-mail. We’ll send you a brief Business Recovery Team(SM) questionnaire that, when completed and returned to us, will give us a basic understanding of the current status of your business recovery planning and a basis for a formal proposal to implement the Business Recovery Team (SM) with your organization.

Our proposal will outline, step-by-step, how the Business Recovery Team(SM) concept will be utilized to design and produce a Business Recovery Plan tailored to meet your specific needs. The typical time frame for completion of the project – from concept to implementation and testing – is five to six months. Following plan implementation, periodic reviews and updates, along with testing, should be scheduled at least once each year thereafter.

For more information, to set an appointment for us to visit with you, or to request your Business Recovery Questionnaire, feel free to use the e-mail link at the top right hand corner of this web page.

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