Plan Basics

Plan To Recover

The Business Recovery Team(SM) will address the needs of each client company using the following six-phase methodology:

1. Project Definition Phase
Clearly identify business assumptions and management objectives.

2. Functional Necessities Phase
Gather needed information, consider alternatives, analyze risks, understand potential impact on business operations, and gain management support.

3. Business Recovery Team(SM) Formation and Plan Design Phase
Organize a cross-functional internal Business Recovery Team; plan the scope and objective of each part of the Plan.

4. Plan Creation and Implementation Phase
Create the plan as defined and implement across all functional areas of the organization.

5. Test, Evaluation, Adjustment and Retesting Phase
Training and internal awareness effort; Test the plan; Evaluate the results of the tests, make necessary adjustments to the Plan and retest.

6. Periodic Maintenance and Updating Phase
At regular intervals, update the Plan as required by changing business conditions; retest the Plan and repeat Phase 5 as needed, based upon results.